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Registrations will take place between 19:15 and 19:45, with the draw to take place and games starting at 20:00.

Games will be played best of 3 (5 for ONE); 501-singles or 601-pairs, Single-in double-out, with a bull-throw for the first leg and last leg (if applicable). If a dart bounces out of the board while throwing closest to bull, the player may throw again. The Player/Team to throw for bull first will be the first team called when the match is announced.

If there is time, and at the discretion of the organiser on the night, later rounds may be played best of 5 or 7.

Entry: £2 per player (£4 per pair), with all proceeds going to cash prizes for the winner and runner up (split approx 70:30).

If someone wishes to play, but is unable be there in time for registration, someone else can register on their behalf, but if they are not ready for the start of their game, their place and registration fee will be forfeit.

Food will be provided at each of the venues.

Prize Money: Winner 70% - Runner Up 30% (to be rounded up or down).

Please can we have volunteers to chalk for the first round of games (inform organsiser on arrival), and for subsequent games can the loser from the previous game remain to chalk. If players are unable to chalk for any reason, can they arrange someone else to cover for them in advance.

Players must be registered for a team within the division the competition is intended for.