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Chariman Matt Cornforth
07877 371508
Vice-chairman Leroy Wilson

Treasurer Nicky Craig

Secretary Mark Slater basingstokedartsleague@hotmail.co.uk 07909 804689
Players Secretary Phil Huggins basingstokedartsleague@hotmail.co.uk

League rules
  1. Games to start at 8pm.
  2. Name cards must be used at every match to determine who plays who and the order of play.
  3. The draw for both the singles and doubles games will be a random blind draw.
  4. The singles draw is to be made by the team captains or a nominated player in the captain’s absence or under their instruction, prior to games starting at 8pm.
  5. All players must be at the venue by 9pm to play in the doubles.
  6. Once the singles games have been concluded the captains or nominee will draw again for the double games.
  7. A match consists of 9 games. 6 games of singles and 3 games of doubles.
  8. Singles games are to be played starting from 501 with a straight start and the finish must be on a ‘double’.
  9. Doubles games are to be played starting from 601 with a straight start and the finish must be on a ‘double’.
  10. The ‘Bull’ (red part of centre of board) shall count as a double 25 (green part of centre of board) being worth 50 and being eligable for a checkout double.
  11. Both the singles and doubles games are played over the best of 5 legs or first to 3 for division 1 and remaining divisions are best of 3 legs or first to 2. Each game won will constitute as 1 point with a bonus 2 points for the winning team, giving a maximum of 11 points available in the match.
  12. In the event of a tie both players shall throw for the ‘Bull’. Each player shall throw one dart for the bull. The player whose dart lands in the bull or closest to the bull shall have the choice of who throws first. Bounce outs should not count as a valid throw.
  13. The home team shall throw first for the ‘Bull’
  14. If a dart lands in the bull or the 25 the darts are to be removed. The bull and the outer bull are to be seen as equal and if both players hit the same a rethrow should take place.
  15. The away team throws first in the first leg at the start of the match. This will then alternate between the home and away teams for the remainder of the match.
  16. Minimum board set-up
    1. The diagonal distance from the centre of the Bull to the back of the raised Oche at floor level shall measure 2.93 metres (9ft 7.5ins).
    2. The dartboard shall be fixed in such a manner that the perpendicular height from the floor (to be at the same level as the Oche) to the centre of the Bull shall measure 1.73 metres (5ft 8ins).
      A raised oche, of at least, 38 mm high and 610 mm long (1.5ins high and 24ins long) must be fixed in position at the minimum throwing distance and shall measure from the back of the raised oche 2.37 metres (7ft 9.25ins) along the floor to a plumb line at the face of the dartboard.
    3. There must be at least 3ft (91.5ins) of space behind the oche toe line.
    4. The dart board must be of a staple-less wire type build and only the use the standard colours of red, black, green and sand/beige. e.g. blade 5 etc. There is no restrictions on brand – just construction.
    5. The board must be adequately lit (recommendation is a minimum of 100 Watt or equivalent halogen or LED spot lights placed at a suitable distance from the board).
    6. There should be no light source which could distract a player (opened window, poorly sited or positioned light).
    7. There must be a scoreboard available:
      • Blackboard with chalk and wiping cloth
      • Whiteboard with working pen and wiping cloth
      • Working electronic scorer
      • The only person in the immediate area in front of the throwing player should be the scorer.
  17. When throwing, players must not cross the toe line. If this occurs the player should be notified immediately.
  18. Each venue should supply a raised Oche (toe-line) or a secured foot rail to stop any toe over the throw line scenarios.
  19. All other darts team members must not obstruct the players throwing. If a team member is obstructing the players they should be asked to move.
  20. The result of each throw must be clearly shown on a scoreboard, giving the number obtained & total remaining. All scores must be recorded by the marker.
  21. The home and away team must nominate a checker for the scores. Any mistakes must be notified to the marker immediately.
  22. No darts shall count towards the score unless the point of the dart is touching the fabric of the board.
  23. Darts are to be withdrawn by the player only after the marker has called the total score of the three darts thrown.
  24. Disputes during any game shall be settled by the team captains of the match. In the event of a disagreement the match should play on and the dispute raised to the committee for further clarification.
  25. All scores, 180’s and high checkouts should be submitted by text to the league secretary no later than 12pm the Wednesday following the match. Both captains are to text the result through. If a captain is unable to text the result then a member of the team should text the result through.
  26. To cancel the match you must contact the team and a member of the committee at least 24 hours before the match. Failure to contact the opposing team and or a committee member to cancel with at least 24 hours notice, the cancelling team will incur a points penalty of minus 4 points.
  27. In the event of a match cancelation the team that has cancelled will forfeit the match 7-0. and the 2 point win bonus giving a total 9-0 result.
  28. There is no provision for rearranged games within the league fixtures list.
  29. If there are any exceptional circumstance for cancelation e.g. power failure at the venue, contact the opposing team captain and the committee immediately. This will be dealt with by the committee on a case by case basis.
  30. All competing players must be signed up to the league and the respective team to qualify to play.
  31. To sign a new player, contact the committee and await confirmation the player has been registered and cleared to play.
  32. Players must be signed on at least 24 hours before the commencement of a match or competition (8pm the previous Monday evening to the match night).
  33. Any concerns about a player being registered to the respective team during a game should be raised to the team captain on the night and reported to the committee.
  34. If a non-registered player has been found to have played the match counts as a forfeit the score being 7-0 to the opposing team.
  35. If a team withdraws from the league mid-season then all results against the withdrawing team will be nullified.
  36. Failure of a captain or a nominated team representative to attend a captains meeting will result in a 1 point deduction.
  37. Violence and or verbal assaults will not be tolerated. Any instances the player or players should be reported to the committee immediately. This may result in a ban from playing or exclusion from the league for the offending players or team.
  38. The committee’s decision on all disputes and disciplinary matters is final.

Version v04 (18/03/2015)

Any queries on these rules should be brought to the attention of the committee.